Power Flushing

As one of our many plumbing services, we also offer first class power flushing for our clients.

Over the years, central heating systems can become sluggish due to blockages, leading to poor heating in your home. Don’t put up with an inefficient heating system and get in touch for a free quote.

How Does Power Flushing Work?

Power flushing includes a thorough clean of your heating system, resulting in more efficient heating. The expert team at Brian’s Plumbing & Heating Services begin by identifying the most effective place to locate our cleaning machine, which is usually next to your heating pump.

We thoroughly irrigate your pump with clean water before using a chemical to clean each of your individual radiators, in turn disposing of the waste in a safe manner.

Comprehensive and Effective Service

Once your radiators are cleaned, we conduct a maintenance test to ensure that they are working at their full efficiency. You won’t believe the money you’ll save or the difference a power flushing service from Brian’s Plumbing & Heating Services will make to the efficiency of your central heating.

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